Best Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There are many articles and websites to claim to know or do cold fusion hair extensions, but no salon does as many or knows so much about cold fusion hair extensions, like Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon.  We are cold fusion hair extension leaders.  Cold Fusion hair extensions are the process of hair extensions to your hair, without using heat.  It is also done in a individual strand way, similar to the hot fusion process.  By avoiding the use of heat, your hair stays healthy by not damaging your hair follicles with heat.

Hair Center International, offers the following Cold Fusion Hair Extension Types.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Laser Hair Fusion

Air Pressure Hair Fusion

Since no heat is used, you can also say that a link based, seamless based system is a cold fusion system, but that is not exactly correct.  The system has to be similar to a hot fusion based method, with individual strands.  Other those other systems are very good, they do not meet the criteria of cold fusion hair extensions.

Hair Center International is the leader in female hair extensions and cold fusion.

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Best Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Best Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Center International Famous Hair Extensions & Women Hair Loss Salon is Famous for being a woman’s hair loss center for women hair loss treatments. We perform over 100 Different Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement Types. Of this, we have around 11 Different Women Hair Loss Treatments or Hair Loss for women, in our NYC, New York salon located in Astoria, Queens. We treat people from all around the country and the world. We have many locals from Westchester, Long Island, NJ, CT, and all over New York City visit us.

What makes us so great is we focus only on women, and their needs. We offer NYC, New York affordable solutions compared to our Manhattan Friends that charge double what we charge, and yet our quality, workmanship, design are better than theirs. We will not break your budget, as we 80% of or women hair loss solutions that are priced from the $800-$2000 price range.  If you compare that to our Manhattan counterparts, we can save you 50 -80%, with better hair quality and structure. Nobody else in New York, NY can match that, with our superior quality.

We treat many hair loss causes, such as Womens Alopecia, Womens pattern baldness, and many temporary womens hair loss reasons such as the following:

Womens Menopause hair loss

Womens Pregnancy Hair Loss

Womens Cancer Hair Loss

Womens Medical Hair Loss

Womens Thyroid Hair Loss

Womens Teenage Hair Loss

Womens Birth Control Hair Loss

You can read about what causes womens hair loss at our blog, for more information.

We have many womens hair loss solutions such as our best hair integration techniques for women, our lines of HairNetrics and Custom HairSthetics. We have non surgical hair replacement for women. We offer Reprieve, and perform many hair replacement techniques in combination with hair extensions. We offer Invisible Hair and Invisible knot techniques. Why over pay somewhere else, when you can have a better solution with us?

We have 3 private rooms for our services. We are conveniently located in Astoria Queens, minutes from Manhattan, and close to Connecticut, New Jersey, LI, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and more.

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Hair Loss in women:



30-71 Steinway St, Astoria, NY

Have experiences with hair loss you would like to share, tell us here on our blog!

Hair Center Int. NYC – Hair Center International

Hair Center International Hair Extensions – Hair Center International Salon

Hair Center International NYC, New York is the premier hair salon in NYC.  We at Hair Center International of NYC are a full service hair salon.  We are the tops in hair salons, we have great reviews, and we are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, New York. Hair Center International is a Full Service Hair Salon. Hair Center Int. is a one stop shop. Hair Center Int. hair Salon does everything, from the most exotic Spa Facials, to the hardest hair colorings, to the best in Brazilian waxing. Please Review our menu options of services on our website. We also have 3 websites for you to review, as we have many websites.

Hair Center International Salon NYC is famous for our selection of upscale services.  We offer a full range of services, such as haircuts, colors, styles, extensions, hair replacement, eyelashes, and facials. Hair Center International is known for our outstanding salon.  Hair Center International New York has great reviews. Hair Center International Salon, is also frequently quoted in the media, as hair extension experts. Hair Center International NYC is the best hair salon in Astoria, and the worlds best hair extensions salon.

So, give Hair Center International a chance, try us you will not be disappointed.  Find out why people travel from around the world for Hair Center International Salon NYC. Call Hair Center International for an appointment.

Make sure you visit our home page at That is our home page for our our salon, where you can read about all of the hair salon services that we do at Hair Center International of NYC. Come in for a free consultation and hair analysis at our salon 7 days a week. 718-932-7777 Hair Center International

Brazilian Wax Salon

Painless Brazilian Wax Salon

Hair Center International Wax Salon in NYC, NY located in Astoria, Queens, NY are also experts in all forms of waxing including Brazilian waxing or Brazilian Bikini Waxing.  We have a Brazilian Esthetician who does the best in Brazilian Waxing or Brazilian Bikini Waxing.  Women claim our Brazilian Waxing is painless.  We also do many design types in that area, if not interested in a Strictly Brazilian style.  We are tops in the NYC area for New York Brazilian Waxing, NYC Brazilian Waxing, Queens Brazilian Waxing,  etc. We have customers from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx.

We do great designs also.  We are a women’s hair salon.  You will feel comfortable wing in our atmosphere.  We are a very Posh Hair Salon.  Our Brazilian Hair Removal services are done in a private are, by a Brazilian girl who is trendy, and who knows how important it is to have your private parts look great.

If you never had a Brazilian Wax, come try it.  It makes all the difference.  I guarantee you that your boyfriend or husband will love it.  You will throw that razor away!

What makes our so good?  It is our 5 step process.

1) Great Facilities and two great private wax rooms.

2) We have a Brazilian doing Brazilian Wax.  Who knows Brazilian Waxing like a Brazilian?

3) We first numb the area, so you won’t feel pain.

4) We then Analyze your hair growth pattern, so we know the correct pull direct.

5) We use the most expensive wax on the market.  Quality products is the key.

6) We use anti irritation, anti ingrown hair creams and soothers, to make you feel great and stay great!

Come visit our state of the art beauty salon hair salon, for the best in Brazilian waxing and all other waxing types. Nobody knows Brazilian Waxing, like our top New York, Brazilian Waxing salon. We are the standard that everyone in the Brazilian waxing field is trying to be like. No wonder we are the New York, NY Brazilian Waxing leaders.

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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY  11103
New York, NY, NYC