Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Salon – Eyelash Extensions NYC, NY, New York

Hair Center International Eyelash Extensions Salon, offers 3 great individual eyelash extensions types.  We are the leader in the NYC, NY, New York area in eyelash extensions.  We offer the following eyelash extensions:

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Lavish Eyelash Extensions

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Our eyelash extension prices are $250 for the Lavish Eyelash Extensions and the Extreme Eyelash Extensions.  Our mink eyelash extensions cost $400. Eyelashes extensions are a great way to have long, thicker eyelashes, fast, at a great price. We also have Revitalash Eyelash conditioner, for those who do not want individual eyelashes extensions.

The reason why eyelashes extensions are so popular, is that so many stars and celebrities use eyelashes extensions. Eyelashes extensions just make your eyelashes look so long and real, more so than any other way of doing your eyelashes.

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, which is convenient for people looking for Manhattan Eyelash Extensions,  Brooklyn Eyelash Extensions, Westchester Eyelash Extensions, Long Island Hair Extensions, etc.  We are close to all areas.

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Wedding Crown Placement

Wedding Crown Placement

Hair Center International Bridal Hair Salon in NYC, New York, are the tops in bridal hairstyles.  We are experts in wedding crown placement.  We sell wedding crowns at our salon, and are experts in Crown placement.  Looking for the ultimate wedding hairstyle?  Nervous about your wedding hair style?  Come to us, we have been a staple in the wedding hair style seen for over 17 years.  We do bridal crown placements, bride crown placements, bridal crown hairstyles.

We do expert wedding crown placement, Styling, Updo’s, wedding updo’s in our posh salon.  We are conveniently located to the Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We are the top bridal and wedding hair salon. We have many wedding crowns in our hair salon, or you can bring in your own. We have 3 wedding crown placement professionals. Call for a free wedding consultation, bring in your wedding crown, and we will go over some placement options.

Need extensions for that special day?  Need a facial, spa massage, mink eyelashes?  We do it all.  We are the one stop spot.

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Learn Hair Extensions

Learn Hair Extensions – Learn to do Hair Extensions

Want to Learn Hair Extensions?  Want to learn from the best in hair extensions in the world?  Come take our hair extensions training classes, located in NYC, New York.  Our Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement Salon, is the best in the world.  We are the best trainers in hair extensions.  If you want to learn to be the best, you need to learn from the best.  We are the best.

We offer more hair extensions than anyone in the world.  Official we say 70, but we do over 100.  We are the best hair extension teachers in the world.

Our hair extension classes in NYC, New York, USA are not cheap.  We charge $2500 a day, for a 8 hour class. Each topic is a one day class.  You can take as many topics as you want.  Most people choose 3 day’s of training. We are the best place to learn in the New York, NY, NYC, NJ, CT area, or for that matter, the world.

Want to learn from the best?  Want to learn from someone who has done over 100,000 hair extensions?  Want to learn from a salon that does 150 hair extensions a month now? Learn from the best. We are the best hair extensions trainers. We have the best hair extensions classes.

Come learn from us?   We are the best.  We are the most copied hair extensions salon in the world, the gold standard of hair extensions.  Book your learning and training with us. Call us at


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Pixie HairCut

Pixie HairCut

Well now that Victoria Beckham, changed her hairstyle to a Pixie haircut from a Bob HairCut, many people want a Pixie Haircut.  We at Patricia’s HairCut Salon do great Pixie HairCuts.  We are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC.  We are one of the top hair salons for great haircuts and hairstyles in the New York, NY area, with clients from Long island, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, etc.  Many people call our New York Hair Salon, and want to get a Pixie Haircut.

Now beware, if you don’t like a Pixie, or had a bad Pixie Hair cut at other hair salons in NY, your options are going to be less, that if you had a short haircut, like a Bob.  With a Pixie, I can make your short hair long again, with one of our Hair Replacement techniques.  Now, reminder, the hair cut is too short for extensions, so you will need to go for one of our many hair replacement types.

We are Pixie Hair Cut experts. I have one person in my salon who specializes in Pixie Hair Cuts. Her name is Melinda. Ask for her if you want a Pixie hair cut! We also have other hair stylists who do great Pixie hair cuts.

So if your are thinking about a Pixie Hair Cut, come to our Astoria, Queens super salon, one of the best in New york for your cut.  Our if you had a Pixie, and regret it, come to us, we can fix it.

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Let us know your thoughts about Pixie haircuts.

Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut

People ask me, what is my opinion, of the Bob haircut.  I like it, it is great for women with straight hair.  I would also say, that the Bob haircut, is the one haircut, that is responsible for more hair extensions than any other haircut.  It is great for me, since I am a hair extensions salon, so I am not complaining.  We at Hair Center International, do all sorts of great haircuts in our Astoria, Queens location in New York.  We are one of the top hair cut and hair style salons in NYC, and we do great bob haircuts.

Bob haircuts are not for everyone.  Some people do want to look like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, etc, so if you are looking for a bob haircut, come to our NYC, New York location.  We have people visit us from Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, etc for our Bob haircuts.  A lot of people who get one, regret cutting their hair so short.  Your hair grows a 1/2 inch per month, so it will take a long time to grow back.  You can always get a hair extension at our salon, you you wont skip a beat.

More people call us from other salons, who had bobs, and regret it, more than any other reason, for a hair extension bad haircut.  People call and say, I just got a bob haircut in Manhattan, I hate it, I need long hair again.  Hence, they visit us, we give them a hair extension, and all is fixed.

We do great Bob Hair Cuts. We have 3 people in our top hair salon that do the best Bob Hair Cuts. Come in and try one for yourself. They are popular in our haircut salon.

What is your opinion of the bob haircut?  Let us know here.

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