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Good news, Hair Center International is on Facebook and Twitter

Here is good news for all the customers of Hair Center International. We have joined the new way of keeping our customers updated about the happening at there favorite Hair Extension Salon.

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Visit latest version of our website

We hope you enjoy the latest version of our website, which has been in the works for months. Take your time to click all tabs, menu bar items, and multiple buttons on each page. We have thousands of client pictures, video’s, before and after’s for you to see. We are the premier hair extensions and hair replacement salon in the world.

We offer free consults and same day services for hair extensions, hair loss solutions and treatments, and we are a Full Service hair salon. We are open 7 days a week. We have a gigantic inventory, with the most hair specialists found anywhere in the world.

We look forward to your visit.

Thanks to all for a Great 2012

I wanted to Thank All of our Loyal clients for making 2012 start and continue to record levels. We have done over 25,000 Individual Hair Extensions, 10,000 Lace Wig Applications and 10,000 Individual Hair Loss Systems in our 20 Years of Existence. That is without including repeats from existing clients or re-sets of hair systems or extensions. When included, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions in total.

We are in process of uploading thousands of pictures, with another thousand due up in a week or so. Our lab has made live many more techniques, as we are over 100 in all now, and double that if you counted like other salons. We don’t list things live until they have been applied 500 times. At that point we give it it’s own button.

We have three more job openings, as we are busy hiring to grow our salon staff of over 30 strong. We also are hiring rapidly at our hair companies to meet rapidly rising sales.

Thank you to our loyal customers for trusting us with your hair.

Thoughts on the Competition

What never seems to amaze me is the amount of copycats that try to copy our salon. I see people try to copy our text ideas, technique ideas, advertising ideas, etc, it is incredible. Can’t these other salons think of their own ideas? We are 5 years ahead of the competition in terms of techniques, innovation, extensions and hair loss. We already have new things planned for the next Five Years.

I think what other salons do not realize is we have the smartest team in the industry. Not only are we hair geniuses, we have PhD’s in engineering, and MBA’s on our team. We create our own things, we have 30 techniques only found in our salon. We have another 30 techniques in lab development that we will be rolling out over the next few years. We own several hair companies and sell some products to competitors that do not even realize we sell to them! We have a million dollars of equipment in our hair laboratory. We have trained hundreds of people in basics through our hair school. We do not teach our advanced techniques.

So the question is why would anyone go somewhere else? Nobody is even close to our level in hair extensions and hair loss. That is why we have done over 100,000 hair additions, and 10,000 female hair loss procedures. Our team is 30 strong just in the salon, with another 50 employed in various hair companies we control.

That is why many who can’t compete result to dirty tricks like lies, slander, and copying. We have a busy legal team that handles copycats and eliminating slander lies posted around the net. Some people are just so desperate, they need to resort to dirty tricks.

We had a record 2011 and are off to a record 2012.

We will be opening a Fifth Ave Manhattan Salon in mid 2013 along with a salon in Beverly Hills in 2014. Stay tuned!

Are Extensions for Everyone?

Hair Extensions are not for everyone. If you had extensions before, and you like them, then they are definitely for you. If you never had them before, then things are different. Some people think they want longer or thicker hair, but when they get it, they have a hard time adjusting to seeing themselves with longer hair. Some people also look better with shorter hair than longer hair. With longer and fuller hair, wash and dries take longer. So yes, we are specialists in extensions, but I always like to remind people that extensions are great, but they might not be right for everyone. A free consult can help you decide.

Happy Holidays to all!

Hair Center International wishes all of our clients a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year. This was another record year for our best salon, and we want to thank our clients for their business and trusting us with their hair!

We look forward to an exciting New Year of more new product launches, offering the latest styles, and having the best products in the salon industry.

Thank you to All, and Happy Holidays!

Thanks to NBC and 30 Rock for Filming at our Salon Today

Special Thanks to the 30 Rock crew and cast for filming at our salon today. It was great meeting the cast and having you film in our wonderful salon today. It was really a pleasure and we look forward to working again with other NBC shows.

This was another good week in our top salon. We had two great events in our salon:

We had WPIX News do a Feature about our salons hair extensions during the morning newscast.

We also had the hit series 30 Rock filmed in our salon for Season 6. Nice having the block closed for filming in our salon.

Thanks to everyone who continues to make our salon the envy of NY, and make people travel to us from all over the world!

High Quality Rooster Feather Hair Extensions in NYC

Feather Hair Extensions NYC consist of six feathers, bonded at the tip, and equal ONE feather hair extension.  Each Original Feather Hair Extensions is a patent (pending) design which contains a hand selected combination of complementary colored and natural high quality feathers that are attached at the tip with a special adhesive to ensure easy installation and maintainability.

Natural Feather Hair Extensions consist of a variety of our current selection of natural colored hair feathers.  The Original Feather Hair Extensions are a blend of the colored feathers and the natural feathers. If, for example, you order a red Feather Hair Extensions you will receive a bundle that has approximately six red feathers and natural feathers.

Feather Hair Extensions NYC can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled (up to 450°).  We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers. They will last up to four months, depending on how they are cared for.  Please note they will naturally grow out with the hair.  Loose feathers will slip out of the link but fine feather hair extensions with special patented design helps keep the feather hair extensions in place and allows for easy insertion and maintenance. We charge $15 a feather, that includes the feather extension and install.

Over time Hair Center International Feather hair extensions evolved into what we now offer, and we’ve had very positive feedback.  Our special patented technique of bonding the feathers together enables our product to last longer than if the feathers was attached loosely. The adhesive tip of feather hair extensions facilitates easy insertion into the silicone lined micro links and creates a stronger bond between the micro links and feathers in the hair.  As the hair grows out, our special and latest technique ensures that the removal and re-insertion of the Feather hair extensions bundle will be both simple and easy, without losing any feathers along the way.  We have a huge variety of colors and our Original Feather hair extensions consist of a selection of complimentary colors.  We have found that our clients really enjoy being able to see the way the colors look together and make their choice accordingly.

When looking for feather hair extensions Salons, the most important factor is trying to find the best feather hair extensions salon out there. No need to go someplace where the people are not certified.  There are also places in NYC where the salon says they do hair extensions, but when you want to see pictures of actual clients, they don’t have any! Never choose a feather hair extensions salon in NYC that doesn’t have any before and after pictures.  A top quality feather hair extensions salon in NYC should have hundreds of before and after pictures of actual clients.

Our Hair Center International is well known for Feather Hair Extensions. We can say that we are the best in feather hair extensions and there is no doubt in it. We provide you with a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers which meets your dream. We are experts in Feather Hair Extensions.

Hair Center International Feather Hair Extensions in New York Salon uses only quality rooster feather which are branded and of top quality. They gives you all comforts and opulence and indeed very much hygienic. The staffs in this salon are all certified and well trained and experienced in treating all types of hairs. This salon pursues the latest technologies in their salon where you can see nowhere but here. Hair Center International-Feather Hair Extensions in NYC offer a drastic change to the hair. Whether you need extra length for a wedding Updo or desire more volume. You have tons of options available in Hair Center International.